Monday, October 03, 2016

Air Cleaning Plants

Ah, October. Cooling breeze, falling leaves, and tons of apples, my favorite season!
Watching falling leaves makes you a bittersweet sense of loss? Although I like very much watching and walking through falling leaves, I kind of miss fresh green.
So I'm thinking to add a touch of green in my room. Houseplants are not only brighten your space, as a part of natural processes(photosynthesis) it can remove carbon dioxide from their environment and release oxygen.
NASA Clean Air Study said that many common houseplants are very efficient a removing other problem pollutants from indoor air.
Sounds reliable? Yes! I must get one or two plants. Golden pothos is very easy to take care, and peace lily is the loveliest one. Any suggestion?

(Photos by the guardian, and my unfinished home)


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