Thursday, May 05, 2016

Animal Cafe in Tokyo

Have you ever heard of an animal cafe?
Cat and Dog cafes are already well known in Japan, but there are so many other animal cafes such as owl, rabbit, snake and more!
So here is a collection of different places you can meet animals while you eat, drink, relax, and play with them at the same time.
Hope you are not allergic to those animals.

Temari no Ouchi - Cat Cafe

Dog Heart - Dog Cafe

Ra.a.g.f - Rabbit Cafe

Owl Park - Bird Cafe

Tokyo Snake Center - Snake Cafe

Sakuragaoka Cafe - Cafe, there are two goats. Besides petting and feeding them, you can also go on a walk with them.

Harry - Hedgehog Cafe

(Photos by/via Reuters, and TimeOut)

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