Thursday, April 14, 2016

Cycling in the city - Bike-sharing

Have you tried bike-sharing programs?
Today, more than 50 countries, and so many municipalities offering bike-sharing programs. It's a program in which many bicycle stations are set up and people can rent a bike to use for short amount of time for a fee and return it at a station(you can return it at a different station).

Everyone knows that Europe is cycling countries, the first bike-sharing program was launched in the Netherland in 1965, and the program is now very popular around the world. The number of bike-share bicycles are estimated 1million worldwide! China has the most bike-share bicycle in the world and Spain has the most bike-share programs in the world.

If you would like to explore the inner city or waterfront, a bike is likely to be more efficient and less stressful than driving or taking public transportation. Don't forget, health benefits, too! So if you are traveller and take this great opportunity touring the inner city by shared bike, you can have extra scoop of gelato or slice of pizza without guilt... yes, you're right, I'm dreaming me in Milan and cycling...

(Photos by/via CercaMilano, and CyclingWeekly)

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