Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ghibli Museum

Ghibli museum!

On the corner of the museum entrance, Totoro is welcoming you!

At the entrance of the museum where you exchange your voucher for proper ticket. This ticket is a cardboard slip case with a film slide of a Ghibli animation, and with this ticket you can enter a small theatre on the 1st floor and watch 15min short movies by studio Ghibli that are exclusive to the museum.

I so much like the décor inside the museum and the exhibits of the original sketches. You aren't allowed to take photo inside the museum, which is very sad... But I absolutely agree Hayao Miyazaki's goal for people to experience the museum with their own eyes and ears, not through camera. "Let's get lost together" is the museum slogan.
The museum also has a café, children's play area(Cat bus nestled in a soft play area!), a book shop, and a gift shop.

On the museum's roof, you will find bronze statue of a robot soldier and the key stone from the movie Castle in the sky.

Important Notice
The museum is closed every Tuesday and May 9th to July 15th.
Ticket is not available at the museum, you have to book your ticket in advance.

The Official site of Ghibli Museum

(Photos by emBroider)

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