Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hair scarf style suggestions?


I'm not bored from everyday hairstyle or having a bad hair day, I'm just too useless about hairdo...
Yes, I cannot braid my hair, technically I can make it but when I tie with elastic band...the end, it just fall apart.
How about any hairdo with hair pin? don't ask me, I'm even worse with it...

Ok then, how about hair scarves? I love them, they look fabulous! Although I haven't tried any of them, it seems easier than making braids. So I searched Pinterest for ideas on how to tie a hair scarf and found some styles I would like to try this summer.

Which one is your favorite hair scarf style?

(Photos by/via Three Bird Nest, Johnny Was, Byrdie, Master Global Style, and KeikoLynn)

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