Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Japanese Kimono Textile Patterns Coloring Book

Coloring for grown ups are so popular in many countries. Every time I stop at the book store, I find something irresistible coloring book although I already have several beautiful ones.
I don't know why I'm so into coloring? or just to get the coloring books? Coloring is such an analogue work, colored pencils and paper, but those two are just perfect for relaxing.

You can find hundreds of beautiful and unique coloring books at the book store. Today, I found very special one features Japanese design patterns in Kimono textile, "Kyoto Kimonos to Color and Display". Somehow I was so impressed with this book and decided to write about it both English and Japanese in my blog. What's so special about this book is not only incredible illustrations designed, they introduce the story of each patterns and the dyeing process of kimono textile. It' more like art&history book.

All the descriptions in the book are written both in English and Japanese, isn't is great? I think I'll be hesitant to color it in... it's too beautiful!

Interested? Please check the official website(sorry, it's in Japanese only).

(Photos by/via Pagong)


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