Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Japanese Candy Craft Art

Mmm... eat or not to eat.
Those are real candy which is made from sugary syrup and starch along with organic coloring, you can eat them, but it's too beautiful and realistic to eat them!

Those sweets art pieces are created by young Japanese candy artist, Shinri Tezuka.
According to Shinri, "Amezaiku" is a traditional Japanese candy craft art. Softened candy by heating around 90 degree Celsius is finely crafted by bare hands and traditional Japanese scissors.
It must be finished within a few minutes after taking out of candy from pot due to characteristic of candy, hardened when cooled and softened when heated.
To craft Amezaiku, it does not shave off such as sculpture. It is crafted by cutting, pulling, and bending round candy which is attached at the end of stick and crafted effectively without waste.

He opened his own shop "Ameshin" in 2013 in Tokyo. You can buy his sweets art pieces as well as taking courses for those who want to learn Amezaiku.

(Photos by/via Ameshin)


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