Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Siblings Love, Every Day.

And since Wednesdays can be hard, here is something to make you smile. Meet Watson, a year and half old, golden retriever who lives with his mom Jennifer in Washington and loves everything about his life.
And when Jennifer adopted two siblings for him who were a little anxious and unsure about their new surroundings, Watson knew exactly how to help them.

Kiko, 5 years old dog with some anxiety issues, and Harry the cat joined the family. According to Jennifer, "It's like Watson knew that Kiko needed support, so he started to always lay by him and help him get more of his confidence back, and he is the king of snuggles. His temperament is so calm he got Harry to love it too. They all get along very well and show pure love for each other."

Aww... it's heart meting, here is the full story.

(via The Dodo)


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