Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Lunar Embassy

Do you know who own the Moon ?

A declaration of ownership was filed with the United Nations as well as the US and Russian governments in 1980 by Mr. Dennis M. Hope of the Lunar Embassy, to ensure that a legal basis for the ownership of the properties sold here can be claimed. On that wonderful day in 1980, the Lunar Embassy was born.

Dennis’s case was primarily based on the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, in which UN members accepted that no government should ever own or exploit a moon or planet. What this treaty did not say, however, was that private individuals couldn’t have a piece of it. The subsequent Moon Treaty of December 18, 1979 attempted to redress this issue, but as very few bothered to sign it, the gap remained. In staking his claim, Dennis cited the Homesteaders’ Act, passed by America during the 19th century, allowing wilderness entrepreneurs to claim land without actually bothering to go there, simply investing from a distance. No one disputed Dennis’s claim, and so he started selling land in space.

What do you think of buying a land on the Moon as gift for your loved one ? I think it's very romantic, and it's quite reasonable, 1 acre of a land on the Moon is $24.99.

(Photos by society6, Daily Mail, and The Lunar Embassy)


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