Monday, August 29, 2016

Wedding or Unwedding?

Tell me about your weeding. Are you dreaming of a big weeding ?
After a bit over two years of marriage, we still haven't had wedding. Yes, I want a wedding some day, but I don't want a wedding. I want it in an unwedding way.

A wedding is really just a long list of decisions to be made, right? Venue, guests, cake, first dance, photographer, speeches, dinner... what more? Oh yes, budget. My husband and I are quite a wedding clueless. And, I don't really have specific image and dream for my wedding. What I want is a lot of ice cream instead of cake, beautiful dress, flowers, and our family to be there for family snaps. I think it's quite simple. Then, I read Sara's post, she just gave me lovely answer, unwedding! No need to follow wedding traditions. Skip what you are not interested in. Wedding is a truly individual celebration and should reflect only ourselves. It's so true!

(Article via Me & Orla.  Photo by MODWedding)


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