Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Birthday card

Hi there!

Do you send a birthday card to your friends and loved one? I like the idea of birthday email and e-card, but I still would like to send a paper card. I think I just like going to cards & stationary store as I could spent hours practically obsessing over paper cards (invitation, thank you, birthday and more cards).

Just the other day, I stopped by Ito-ya (they have flagship US store in San Francisco) and bought this beautiful birthday card, it is made of washi paper. I like this pretty peach pink and super simple design. I always get fancy with pop-up card at first, isn't that eye-catching? but very little space to write your message, so I end up with simple card like this. Don't get me wrong, I love card in ALL !

I am sending this card to my friend from high school, she is in New Zealand.  Hope she will receive it by her birthday.

(Photo by emBroider)


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