Monday, September 05, 2016

Can You Eat Kiwi Skin?

How do you eat kiwi? When eating kiwi I usually cut them in half and scooped fruit out from the skin. The other day, my husband texted me that he happened to see one of his co-worker was eating whole kiwi with skin. Do you eat kiwi skin? can you eat them? My answer was "No". First of all, the idea of eating kiwi skin just never occurred in my mind, second of all, I don't think that fuzzy brown skin taste good with juicy green fruit.

However, someone is eating kiwi skin, so can we really eat them? I did a small research and found out that kiwi skin is edible and loaded with even more fiber and vitamin C that the fruit itself. Isn't it surprising? I can understand more fiber in skin than fruit, but where is more vitamin C in that fuzzy skin? It said that you wash a kiwi just like you wash an apple and eat them whole, it is less messy because it holds flesh together as you snack on the fruit.
Hmm... will you try?

(Photo by Nutri Living)


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