Wednesday, September 07, 2016

French Skill: The Art of Being Late

Why French woman are elegant, charming, intelligent, stylish, and self-absorbed? Because, they know the art of being late. Thanks Audrey, it's an interesting read and now I know why I'm so not French.
They know how to being late at your appointment or meeting, that must be fashionably late and you are not showing any sign of guilt. According to Audrey, you must understand that time is relative; everyone possesses their own internal clock. Don’t mention your lateness. Sit down with an air of nonchalance and say hello to everyone in such a cheery manner that it extinguishes any chance of reproach.

Well, I get the point. But, I don't like being late more than waiting in a long queue. Not showing sign of guilt? Impossible! Everyone can read my face that I'm so embarrassed being late. I'm so Japanese!
How about you?

(via STYLIST. Photo by Messy Nessy)


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