Thursday, April 07, 2016

Temari Sushi - 手まり寿司

I'm so in the mood for sushi today. So I was thinking to make sushi at home, not a regular nigiri sushi, I'm thinking one of the easiest and cute sushi which is called "Temari Sushi".

What's Temari?

Temari is a traditional Japanese embroidered(thread) ball, which people used to play many many years ago. These days, temari are treated more as decorative ornaments in the house rather than toy for children.

Temari sushi is slightly smaller than nigiri sushi, and it is ball-shaped with various toppings. It is basically consists of two parts, the bottom part with sushi rice ball and top part with toppings. These are often served in happy occasions in spring.

If you like fish(raw or cooked), your favorite sashimi fish like tuna and salmon(smoked one, too!) would be perfect as the toppings.
If you are not a fan of fish, you can make it with your favorite veggies, also, grilled/roasted beef and other meats, or ham would be good as well. Flower cutout carrot and lotus root for toppings is pretty and kids will love them.

Whether you use fish or not, you can always layer the toppings with sliced cucumber, avocado, shredded egg, and some herbs to make it colourful and pretty.


How to make Temari sushi

Don't take too seriously. Unlike nigiri sushi or rolls, you don't need to master a sushi chef's delicate work of art to make temari sushi by using plastic wrap, it's fun for kids to make too.
  1. Place toppings of your choice on a sheet of plastic wrap.
  2. Place a sushi rice on the toppings.
  3. Shape the sushi into a ball by twisting the plastic wrap.
  4. Unwrap the plastic wrap - voila!
Here is the detailed recipe with photos, thanks about food.

Have fun making homemade sushi!

(Photos by / via food-sommelier.jpCouturier, and at meal 012)


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